Holidays in Australia – little things to know

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A vacation in Australia is a great experience and there are countless ways to spend time there. Beaches, vineyards, towns, tropical jungles and tropical refuges, you will surely find the perfect adventure. You may have an idea of ​​what you would like to see and do, but it often makes a difference if you want a short and frustrating vacation.

You will probably arrive in Australia by plane and land in a capital city like Sydney or a regional city like Cairns. All airports have taxi stands and cabins for rent. Most buses offer a shuttle service to your city or hotel. Transit options may vary by airport. Sydney International Airport is known for its regular trains to the city.

All cities have a range of accommodation that suits all budgets. Major Australian cities are equipped with CBD in the heart of the city and residential neighborhoods in the region. Most of the housing is in the Convention on Biological Diversity. Close to the business district, you will find shops, restaurants, cultural centers and a vibrant nightlife.

The Australian dollar is the standard currency in Australia and the other currency is rarely accepted. Money can be exchanged for banks and money transfer points. All purchases in Australia include the GST (GST), which is included in the price indicated by law. A tip for the service is unexpected.

Most public transport is transmitted from the city to the periphery. If you use public transport, you must rely on the CBD or spend two hours 10 minutes from home. All trains run through Melbourne by train and tram. Sydney and Perth have limited ferry connections. Keep in mind that public transportation on weekends and holidays is much less common than a weekday. Therefore, you should consider this when planning picnics.

Australia is considered a land of sun and beaches, but the climate can vary depending on the season and place. After living all my life in Australia, I would say that the best time to vacation in Australia is April / May and September.

These seasons are quite mild in most countries. The temperatures are still warm enough to swim and are usually sunny in summer. In the north of the country, the rainy season is over and it is easier to withstand humidity and heat. Most states of Tasmania and Victoria del Sur may be more common, but this is usually the best time to practice the widest range of activities.


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