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Look for reflexology courses in the United States and Canada. Due to the growing and renewed interest in alternative and complementary medicine, students who enroll in the Faculty of Reflection can learn effective and effective art used for centuries. Depending on your thinking ability, some diploma programs may be entirely focused on foot massage, while others may contain instructions on different parts of the body. For example, in addition to obtaining a certificate of reflexology of the foot in the ear, hand and the science of the reflection of the ears, the students can participate in a series of personalized educational programs, such as: Science of the reflection, chakra balance and clinical therapeutic massage.

If you are applying to study at the College of Reflexology, please note that programs can range from a few days to several weeks. Reflective faculty certification programs are often organized as workshops or training seminars and include hands and hands massage, reflexes and rehearsal patterns, a history of reflexology, anatomy and physiology. , stress reduction techniques and other related instructions Graduates receive a degree. For additional proof, graduates can take the CARL exam and obtain a national certificate.

At the College of Reflexology, additional courses are usually offered, such as: B. Foot reading courses in which students learn to “read” the foot (kinetic) and look for specific characteristics that may be related to health problems. Other reflexology programs may include training in energy healing therapies such as ejaculation, herbal consultation and chakra balance.

Graduates of the School of Reflection gain the skills and training to relieve pressure on the feet, hands and sometimes the ears. The targeted pressure in the areas reflected in different areas of the body allows the reflexology mechanics to stimulate the body’s natural energy system and eliminate all obstacles in these specific areas. This natural health system is a great way to improve blood circulation and improve overall performance and self-healing.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in reflexology training, take inspiration from professional training in fast-growing industries such as massage therapy, cosmetics, acupuncture, oriental medicine, reiki, etc. Discover the programs of the vocational schools in your area.


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