What is Reiki and why should you study Rieki?

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Why cure Reiki? The answer is: Reiki helps reduce stress, relieve pain, improve health and quality of life, and heal physical and mental illnesses.
What’s better than Reiki to promote harmony, self-confidence, creativity and mental clarity?

In other words, Reiki is a method of transmitting and transforming global energy, that is, the energy that surrounds us all and fills the universe. To do this, the practitioner must be made aware of this energy by a person who has been captured by him, in other words, the Reiki Master. It is much more desirable and, preferably, to be personally harmonious on the part of the Master, but this may not be possible for a large number of students living in remote areas. For them, the path in the distance is harmony. This is similar to the main Reiki, which sends Reiki energy through time and space, except that in this case, no healing is sent, but the energy is sent to the student to recognize it. However, with daily reflections for several months, it is possible to adapt. The problem here is that you come from Reiki with unconfirmed skills and no documentary proof of harmony like a pedigree certificate.

An important factor here is that when you receive Reiki, you imagine that the person who heals you is a manifestation of God: your own faith will change the full effect of the Reiki you receive. If you can see and really believe in God in your processor, you are providing more energy because you know that Reiki is more about giving.

The National Institutes of Health are conducting a study to determine if Reiki affects the development of disease and anxiety in newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients.

According to a preliminary study from the University of Alberta, Canada, published in the 2003 Journal of Pain Management and Symptoms, cancer patients improved pain control and quality of life by adding Rieki to standard medication .

To be a pioneer of Reiki, you need to get a “harmony” from the teacher, able to show the descent to ICAO Oswe. A qualified and stable student increases this proportion. It takes about 6 to 12 months, from start to finish, to take a leadership position.

I am a Reiki teacher composed of one of the most respected teachers in England. I have the traditional form of Reiki, including many Japanese techniques, as described by Dr. med. Usui has been transmitted, learned and learned and can come back down. I am a member of the British Medical Association Inclusive and Executive Chairman of the British Society for Inclusive Skin Care.


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