People who have comprehensive medical care tend to use medical services five times

November 24, 2018 | By Admin2 | Filed in: STUDY IN USA.

Many people who do not participate in the Medicare program can not believe how often Medicare seniors consult doctors. A recent study found that full or fully paid retirees use five times more health care than anyone else. It’s very realistic and very logical.

For example, I have not been to the doctor for 25 years, I pray and practice too. I have not taken aspirin for more than five years. I do not use any of these things. I have catastrophic health insurance just in case, but I’m surprised how expensive it is to never use it.

If you have invested all this money in a bank or in an appropriate financial instrument, you probably have enough money to cover the large medical expenses, and this may still be the case. But all this brings me to another point of reflection.

We all know that our health care system in the United States is down. Now, our government wants to cover everyone with medical care, but if we do, every five times will go to the doctor and get all the medical services. I’m not sure he understands what that means, but we do not have the ability to get all Americans to claim all medical services five times more than they currently do.

There is already a shortage of nurses and there will be a shortage of medical facilities, doctors, care facilities and everything you can imagine. The law of unforeseen consequences concerns the American public and taxpayers like the freight train arriving at Volkswagen. Please consider all this.


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