Synchronization – a coincidence and an interesting meaning

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I saw my first impressive dream in January 1979, when I was about 18 years old. I traveled to California from Brazil to learn English.

Two days before my trip, I dreamed that my mother had died and that she lived in a divine home. However, my mother’s ghost followed me and told me to brush my teeth.

I was scared when I woke up. This dream was indeed a nightmare! While I was still very surprised, my mother called me. Like me, I woke up in the middle of the night, because it was also a nightmare!

My mother was dreaming that one of her recently deceased friends had called her and asked her to live with her. He remembered that his boyfriend had died. As a result, she refused the invitation. My mother woke up in fear like me.

These dreams intrigued me on my trip to the United States. It was the first time that the synchronization phenomenon was tested. The definition of the moment given by Carl Young is a very important coincidence. This shows that we have to pay attention to what is happening in our lives.

It was clear that these nightmares were important, but I could not understand them. Only after learning to translate the meaning of dreams for many years, you could understand their meaning.

In dreams against consciousness, the mother represents the brutal side of our consciousness, which continues to try to destroy the human side of our consciousness. Death in dreams is usually a negative part of our personality that can not serve as an example to avoid because we are already following it. I dreamed that my mother was dead because my assistants met me in 1979.

A spirit in a dream represents neurosis. My mother was a ghost in my dream because the sinners of my conscience had already created a trauma in my head.

Our teeth in the dream represent our strength. The ghost of my mother told me to brush my teeth because it took a lot of courage to fight the absurdity that I had imposed on my conscience.

I lived in the apartment of my mother’s god because my trip to the United States was the result of Divine Providence. I had to travel and grow instead of living like a spoiled child. It would be very dangerous for my mental health to stay in Brazil. I had to mature and learn to face reality.

My mother’s nightmare was a warning that she was not to imitate her friend’s example. Her friend died because she committed suicide.

My mother felt very weak at the time because she was divorced. She had to work hard to pay for our expenses while she had a lot of money when she was married.

The coincidence of our nightmares shows that my mental health is preserved simply because I go to the United States instead of staying at home. My mother will find the courage to move forward. I live with my uncle and his family while learning English. It was a great relief for the tired mother and the perfect protection of my sanity.

Christina Sponias continued to examine Carl Jung in the human psyche, discovered the cure for all mental illnesses and simplified the scientific interpretation of dreams that teach him to accurately translate the meaning of his dreams so that he can find health , wisdom and happiness.


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