Why should you drink your coffee on a black coffee table?

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Everyone loves coffee. People are always looking for the best place to drink coffee, wake up, hang out with friends or simply relax. Here is a brief coffee story that people in this beautiful room can read:

A short history of coffee

Coffee has an interesting twist over time. The main coffee, Arabica coffee, comes from Ethiopia (originally named Bunn) and has migrated to South America, Brazil, Colombia and other countries north of 25 and 30 degrees south latitude. First, coffee beans from Ethiopia were imported to Yemen.

The word coffee probably comes from the name of the place of origin Kava in Ethiopia. This word has many forms, very similar to: qahwa in Arabic, Turkish kahveh, caffè in Italian, French coffee and English coffee.

Coffee consumption was banned in 1511 in Mecca and next year in Cairo. However, this decision was withdrawn as a protest against the population. Then, in 1554, the first cafe in Istanbul was opened.

The coffee was introduced to England in 1430 by a Greek professor from Oxford University, Ioannis Serpopoulos, and was on the road to its current popularity. We thank the British and Dutch companies for this drink, as they were available in Europe in the 16th century. The first European coffees were opened in the mid-seventeenth century in London (1652), Boston (1670) and Paris in 1671. To measure the popularity of coffee, these places have experienced remarkable growth: there is only in 1675 more than 3,000 in England.

Legend has it that the first café was opened in Vienna in 1683 after the Battle of Vienna after the victory over the Turks as a supplier in Vienna. Another, more reliable story concerns the early 17th century cafes in Krakow or the 17th century, as they are more closely related to the East, especially to Turkey.

The first New World coffee plantation was founded in Brazil in 1727, a country primarily based on African labor.

The success of coffee in the 17th century in Europe corresponds to the massive spread of tobacco consumption during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648).

The coffee powder dates back to the 18th century, but only became popular in 1901, when Satori Kato introduced Buffalo Ban American instant coffee. This variety of coffee was marketed in 1939 under the name of Nescafé.

The decaffeination process was started by a man named Dr. Ludwig Roselius of Bremen developed. Caffeine is removed with water or solvents such as ethyl acetate.

Like wine, coffee has connoisseurs and many professionals able to detect subtle differences and flavors that are not normally perceived by ordinary people.

The researchers conducted a study on the mood of coffee workers on a black coffee table.

Have you noticed that people are looking for bars with a black coffee table to drink their favorite coffee?

If you ask people where they can drink a good coffee, you will probably say that you should go to the cafeteria and serve coffee on a black coffee table, that would brighten your mood.

But why do not you have all this brilliant humor at home? Why not bring a small black coffee table at home? After all, you deserve to be spoiled, at least with a great way to drink your morning coffee … Choose the beautiful black coffee table you’ve always wanted!


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