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I have been a student all my life, both formally and informally. She officially attended six years of primary education and four years of secondary education. In addition, I attended a four-year teacher training course and in all these areas, I kept abreast of it all the time. People always asked for secrecy because they did not try to remember things. I share some of these guidelines in this article.

Tips for learning

Create a calendar for the study and do not just study the topics you like. The calendar helps you maintain balance in areas that you may have missed. I would recommend that the areas that are weak to you and that do not interest you are the ones that interest you the most.

Be diligent and disciplined to follow the schedule. Always follow the discipline to follow your commitments. The success of the study rests on the discipline to pursue its specific goals. Success is not automatic, but due to the intention of the study.

Join a study group: When you share ideas on a topic, it’s interesting to open up to things you’ve never seen before. I remember “Levels” that three other colleagues hired us to investigate problems and send them when they were ready. Challenge my friends to gather information and delve into problems. I was always introduced to chemistry, while my friends were more interested in physics and biology. Three of us had excellent science results, most of which were discriminatory, even with self-study materials.

Joining a library – this is one of the least expensive ways. The library environment promotes learning and gives you the attention you need. When you are with other people, you feel at home.

Revision and rotation: Browse through the documents you learned in this chapter and all related documents. The most important thing is to know if you can put into practice what you have learned in class. The more you train, the more it gets into your head. Exam increases your confidence in the exam.

Collect previous test cards: this is the best way to get the type of questions evaluated. Test the time for yourself and answer the same questions. Have someone supervise and supervise your work. A long time ago, you feel ready to take the test.

Make a request in your study: in case of confusion, it takes longer to find a place in your own room. Always repair the books so you can easily access them. With chaos and confusion in the study room, it’s easy to feel tired and your mind can not focus on learning.

Avoid noise that disturbs the phone, and playing a song may interfere with the learning process. I know that some people prefer to listen to music while studying. Individuals differ. However, music tends to steal your time and concentrate. Create an environment that works among the best.

Get instructions for authors and books to read, not all books are necessary for what you teach. The teacher is generally more willing to provide a series of recommended books to study. Do not waste time on books that are not needed for your undergraduate studies.

Create a passion for learning: you will not like to learn if you do not have the passion to do it directly. You must find in them that hunger is knowing and seeking to understand. It is this passion that will inspire you to search and read books with enthusiasm.

The key to passing exams is the amount of work prepared. No more no less. They say that an error in preparation is the same as preparing an error.

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